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New Orleans Music and Art

In New Orleans, music and art are as much of a part of the city's history as anything else. As the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans offers some of the most unique musical experiences in the south. Residents can experience the genre at a concert, one of the region’s numerous festivals or even while walking by the many open restaurant doors and outdoor shops that line the streets of New Orleans. Street performers are another way for residents to experience New Orleans music. The Northshore’s cultural scene also features a variety of music options residents can enjoy throughout the week. With local venues, festivals and free concerts year-round, Northshore residents can listen to live, local music without traveling far. Blues, roots, funk, R&B and rock, as well as orchestral music, opera and musical theater are other popular genres that can be heard throughout the region.

The New Orleans Arts District is filled with galleries, studios and museums. In the evening, the area showcases artists from around the world, such as the Venice Biennale and the Bienal de São Paulo.

Workshops and classes offered throughout the region include dance, pottery and other arts and crafts. Theater opportunities range from large, cultural centers and small, community theaters to A Studio in the Woods, an aptly-named studio that sits just outside of New Orleans, along the Mississippi River. For education and art exhibitions, the arts and music culture can be experienced across the region — or all in one building at the Contemporary Arts Center, which offers rotating exhibits throughout the year.