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Unique Exhibits at Louisiana Children’s Museum

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Designed to encourage discovery through observation, inquiry, creative construction, problem solving and free play, the Louisiana Children’s Museum motivates children of all ages to develop cognitive, physical and social skills.

A place for birthday parties, field trips, or just an educational and fun afternoon, the Louisiana Children’s Museum in New Orleans’ Warehouse District welcomes 1​74,000 visitors each year to explore hands-on exhibits and programs. These programs cover a variety of topics, including constellations and mythology, environmental conservation and even how to connect with others through laughter.  

Popular exhibits at the museum include:

  • Art Trek – In this working art studio, children can paint, draw, make sculptures and screen print.
  • Body Works – Children can balance, weigh and measure to learn how the human body works. A rock climbing wall and exercise bike illustrates how a human skeleton moves.
  • Little Port of New Orleans – In this mini-port, children crawl through crates, explore cargo and have a snack in the galley kitchen as they learn about the ships coming and going at the Port of New Orleans.
  • Safety Zone – Kids learn the essentials of staying safe in an emergency by learning how to dial 911, talk to an operator and practice stop, drop and roll. 

The museum also emphasizes the importance of connectivity, with programming centered around a core principle to foster relationships between children and family, caregivers and educators. The museum’s mission to help develop healthy home atmospheres is part of an overall goal to strengthen community ties throughout the surrounding area.

Photo Credit: Louisiana Children's Museum