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Stuart Hall School for Boys

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Stuart Hall School for Boys is an independent, Roman Catholic school educating pre-kindergarten-through-7th-grade students. Located in Uptown New Orleans, Stuart combines religious instruction, school tradition and character development with an emphasis on academics. The school’s Stuart Hall Knights program recognizes and rewards students who exhibit “knightly behavior” in faith, scholarship and honor. Additionally, Stuart fosters positive character in students via activities promoting honesty, compassion and gratitude through its Quality of the Month Program.

Coursework in the lower grades is focused on English, math, social studies and hands-on science, fostering deductive reasoning and observation skills, while the middle school years build on fundamental knowledge with in-depth examination of academic subjects. Students in all grades receive instruction in:

  • Art
  • French
  • Music
  • Research skills
  • Technology

Classes exploring regional painters George Rodrigue and Walter Anderson, a musical drumming program, theater and choir are all additional elements of the arts program. Stuart also offers a number of extracurricular activities for middle school students as well. School clubs focus on things such as movies, digital photography, academic games, LEGO robotics and journalism. Stuart’s after-school chess club, a recipient of a national title, is a standout program available to students as young as the first grade.

Photo Credit: Mike Terranova