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St. Martin’s Episcopal School

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St. Martin’s Episcopal School in Metairie is a pre-kindergarten-through-12th-grade independent, college preparatory school. Students at St. Martin benefit from the school’s "idea lab," which allows them to sketch concepts on walls covered in dry-erase paint. Part classroom, part laboratory and inspired by a Stanford University prototype, the Idea Lab gives students a space for nurturing creative, collaborative solutions and solving real-world challenges.

English, math, science and social studies form the curriculum basis for all grades. Students also receive instruction in art, music, religion, physical education, technology, Spanish and French. Classroom learning is action-focused—students build Mousetrap-powered cars and construct rockets they launch as part of the middle school science program. High school electives include rock-band music lessons, world religion, digital photography, stagecraft and printmaking. St. Martin’s also offers numerous Advanced Placement courses in addition to innovations like Project Adventure, an Outward Bound-inspired program that utilizes the school’s 35-foot rope-climbing wall to build trust and teamwork among participants.

Service learning is integral to the St. Martin’s experience, as are class trips. Students grow and plant marsh grasses in connection with south Louisiana coastal-restoration projects led by Louisiana State University researchers. A yearly class trip to Washington, D.C. ensures middle school students understand and value the principles of American government and the influence of Greek and Roman philosophy on politics in general. For athletics, students can choose to play on one of St. Martin’s 19 interscholastic sports teams or join one of the school’s many campus clubs.

Photo Credit: St. Martin's Episcopal School