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Metairie Park Country Day School

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Independent and private Metairie Park Country Day School in suburban Jefferson Parish enrolls children in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Multi-grade classrooms, small class sizes and Teach Each Other (TEO) discussion-focused learning in higher grades reflect Metairie Park’s progressive teaching philosophy.

Outstanding programs in the visual arts, music and theater are paired with comprehensive academics and physical education for students in all grades. Metairie Park’s music program has chorus, band, orchestra and ensemble, and its foreign language instruction begins in kindergarten.

The school’s STARLAB Portable Planetarium promotes engaging science experiments, such as rocket-launching demonstrations. Likewise, middle school classes in English are designed to engage students with techniques like a performance-based exploration of Shakespeare. Woodworking, photography, orchestra and drama are among the electives available.

A one-of-a-kind collaboration with 7th graders from a nearby New Orleans charter school features in-depth study and discussion of topics, such as the history and culture of the region’s Vietnamese community. The high school curriculum expands on college preparation with 16 Advanced Placement courses and includes studies in comparative religion, medical problem solving, game theory, neuropsychology and Japanese.

Students regularly win top honors in Science Olympiad tournaments and other regional and state academic competitions. Outside the classroom, they can choose to play in jazz band or compete in athletics through the tennis program which, in 2014, won the boys’ state championship for its division.

Photo Credit: Metairie Country Day School