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Academy of the Sacred Heart

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Academy of the Sacred Heart is a pre-kindergarten-through-12th-grade, all-girls parochial school in Uptown New Orleans. The curriculum is comprehensive, challenging and hands-on for students in all grades. Graduates from Sacred Heart are well prepared for their next steps, and many gain admission to competitive schools such as Georgetown University, The University of California, Vanderbilt University and more.

English instruction for even the youngest students integrates journal writing and art projects. Louisiana history and culture are a central social studies component, and field trips to historic sites across New Orleans are regularly organized to help students gain understanding beyond the classroom. Students draw landscapes, study still life paintings, make prints and build original sculptures in response to examining concepts like color, form and texture. High school electives span topics as varied as global literature, ceramics, genetics and Greek and Roman mythology. The dance department teaches ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

Sacred Heart students also have the opportunity to study at other Sacred Heart schools in cities across the country, including New York and San Francisco, through a domestic exchange partnership. The school’s competitive athletic program includes the 2013-14 state champion cross-country team and district-winning swim and track teams.

Photo Credit: Academy of the Sacred Heart