Children’s Hospital of New Orleans

Over 50 Pediatric Specialties at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans

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Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, located near Audubon Park, meets the needs of children by providing preventative care and treating routine, childhood illnesses, as well as life-threatening diseases. These pediatric services span more than 50 specialties and include everything from allergies and autism to cancer care, neurology, cardiology and infectious disease.

Children’s Hospital maintains 200 beds, served by more than 400 pediatricians and pediatric specialists.

The hospital offers clinics and programs devoted to various conditions, including:

  • Autism center
  • Cancer program
  • Heart center
  • Immunization program
  • Vascular Anomalies Clinic

The hospital also offers the Tooth Bus, a mobile dental office providing free dental exams to qualifying children in the New Orleans community. Many of the programs and clinics collaborate with local medical facilities, as well as Tulane University and the Research Institute for Children.

Photo Credit: Children's Hospital of New Orleans