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In Uptown New Orleans, Audubon Park combines an array of nature-based activities with several distinct areas including:

  • Audubon Institute Zoo
  • Bird Island – a 100-year old rookery
  • Equestrian stable
  • Golf course
  • The Fly – a grassy open area on the waterfront

In addition, the park boasts many recreational features such as the paved, 1.8-mile jogging path which winds around the perimeter of the golf course among the trees and passes to the side of Bird Island. Hundreds of birds nest each year on the island in the middle of the park’s lagoon. Playgrounds, soccer fields, clay tennis courts and the Audubon Clubhouse Café contribute to the park’s amenities, making it a popular destination for the whole family.

With the many features of the park and convenient location, families find plenty of activities on a daily basis, from visits to the zoo and horseback riding lessons to a daily jog and a game of ultimate frisbee on “The Fly,” a local nickname for the waterfront area of the park.

Photo Credit: Greater New Orleans Inc.; Audubon Nature Institute