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International School of Louisiana

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The International School of Louisiana (ISL) in Uptown New Orleans is a public charter school offering immersive foreign-language instruction in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. Students from seven regional parishes are enrolled at this esteemed kindergarten-through-8th-grade school. Open to all Louisiana residents, ISL received an A rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for 2014-15.

Students acquire proficiency in their preferred language through daily instruction that excludes the use of English in most academic subjects. In kindergarten and first grade, roughly 90 percent of teaching is conducted in the target language, although English is used for art, physical education and music. Instruction in the target language shifts over time as students develop fluency. By middle school, approximately 25 percent of classroom time is in the target language, with math among the topics taught in English. Middle school students also take a three-year sequence of classes in a secondary language. Technology is incorporated in every grade in the form of tablets, laptop computers and other digital learning tools.

International School of Louisiana students can enjoy Science Olympiad, circus arts and chorus for extracurricular alternatives.

Photo Credit: International School of Louisiana