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New Orleans is a national leader in publicly funded, independent charter schools with 90 percent of kindergarten-through-12th-grade students in the city of New Orleans attending a charter school in 2013-14 — the highest share of students in any district in the U.S.

Charter schools are independent public schools and have more flexibility with school programs and curricula. Moreover, parents can choose which charter schools their children attend. Applying to charter schools in New Orleans is easy – nearly all schools in the area utilize an electronic application process where parents and new or transferring students can select up to eight of their top choices, all in one form.

The diversity of charter school curricula extends throughout New Orleans. Top area charter schools offer instruction in visual and performing arts, science and technology, and foreign language. In addition, many schools focus on college-preparatory needs while others tailor programs to equip students for professions, focusing on workforce skills for top area industries. Extracurricular charter school clubs celebrate topics that range from local cuisine and Japanese animation to yoga and urban farming.

  • Audubon Charter School

    Audubon Charter School, a pre-kindergarten-through-8th-grade charter school in New Orleans, fosters a culturally rich and academically rigorous program that incorporates French as well as performing and fine arts in the curriculum. >>

  • Benjamin Franklin High School

    A New Orleans magnet charter school, Benjamin Franklin High School regularly appears near the top of national rankings for the best American high schools. >>

  • International School of Louisiana

    The International School of Louisiana (ISL) in Uptown New Orleans is a public charter school offering immersive foreign-language instruction in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. Students from seven regional parishes are enrolled at this esteemed kindergarten-through-8th-grade school. Open to all Louisiana residents, ISL received an A rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for 2014-15. >>

  • Lusher Charter School

    Lusher Charter School is a kindergarten-through-12th-grade, arts-focused, public charter school located in Uptown New Orleans. >>