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New Orleans Taxes

Southeast Louisiana offers low taxes and comfortable living.

Southeast Louisiana is one of the country’s most diverse areas, blending big city living with suburban neighborhoods and plentiful green spaces, and is home to a strong quality of life for residents.

Property taxes in New Orleans are some of the lowest and most homeowner-friendly in the country. The non-partisan tax research group Tax Foundation ranked Louisiana’s total tax burden in 2015 as fifth lowest in the United States.

In addition, homeowners automatically qualify for Louisiana’s homestead exemption on their primary residence. Through the exemption, the first $75,000 of assessed value is not taxed at the local level. With no state property tax on primary residences, Louisiana is eighth lowest in the country for property taxes (according to 2015 Tax Foundation research data).

Depending on the infrastructure or public service needs they exist to fund, local sales taxes may fluctuate, but Louisiana’s statewide sales tax rate of four percent is one of the 13 lowest in the country. At the local level, sales taxes fund projects and programs to help ensure the region’s viability.

Within this area, there is a strong emphasis placed on investing New Orleans tax dollars into ongoing improvements to the region’s infrastructure. In the city, projects range from public works to community-based initiatives such as renovation of the city’s main library and on-site addition of a dedicated learning lab and homework help center for local students. More than $265 million has been allocated to the city’s 2015 Capital Budget, which is scheduled to fund dozens of projects, including nearly $8 million in renovations, improvements and equipment purchases for parks and playgrounds across New Orleans.

In addition, nearby Jefferson Parish budgeted more than $63 million for 2015 capital improvements projects, while Mandeville residents recently authorized a dedicated 10-year sales tax to fund projects ranging from street improvements and new construction to bike paths and drainage improvements.

In Total 
Tax Burden
Louisiana's total individual tax burden ranks as one of the country's best. 
Homestead Exemption
Louisiana's homestead exemption means less money spent on taxes for your home and more money that stays in your pocket.
Lowest In 
Louisiana is one of the most affordable states in the country to own a home. 
Capital Improvements
Total amount included in the City of New Orleans' 2015 Capital Budget for projects ranging from infrastructure improvements to park upgrades and library enhancements.